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Arabian Oud Madawi Eau De Parfum-100ml
Madawi by Arabian Oud is a fragrance for women. Madawi was launched in 2017. The essence of femininity is captured in this scent, combining Eastern and Western aromas. The lasting base of seductive musk and wild rose will bring back nostalgic...
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Arabian Oud Majestic Special Oud Eau De Parfum-100ml
Launched in the year 2015, Majestic Perfumes a leading player in the fragrance category. This well-known brand functions as a one-stop destination for all your odor tastes. Within the course of its travel, Majestic Perfumes has established a firm foothold...
Rs. 14,999.00 Rs. 11,199.00
Arabian Oud Arabian Code Eau De Parfum For Men 90ml
Arabian Code (Men) Elegant perfume form and design and distinct components of which contain lotus and jasmine attractive to become more distinctive and attractive when it is based on a base of musk and sandalwood for you make you personal...
Rs. 6,900.00 Rs. 5,500.00
Arabian Oud Madawi Eau De Parfum Gold Edition-100ml
This limited edition fragrance marks the 40th year anniversary of Arabian Oud. With sumptuous design and scent, this luxurious fragrance captures the essence of vibrance and grace. The intoxicating aroma of fruity-florals layered with hints of tonka and patchouli, give...
Rs. 18,500.00
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Arabian Oud Amiri Eau De Parfum-75ml
The kind of fragrance which draws undoubted attention. Amiri exudes brightness, and sophisticated strength through its scent character. A loveable mens fragrance with the perfect balance of citric freshness and soft peppery wood notes that wows the senses with astounding...
Rs. 17,699.00 Rs. 13,800.00
Arabian Oud Woody Intense Eau De Parfum-100ml
Woody Intense by Arabian Oud for Women and Men. Day & Night About Woody Intense by Arabian Oud for Women and Men: Woody Intense will instantly transport you to the Arabian gulf. Imagine a spice market where all the traditional...
Rs. 9,499.00 Rs. 8,500.00
Arabian Oud Woody Eau De Parfum-100ml
Woody by Arabian Oud is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men.Its a Wood, Rose and an evolving array of many fascinating herbal, floral, heavy, light, exotic notes. It morphs. It’s richer and deeper and much more complex than...
Rs. 7,499.00 Rs. 6,700.00
Arabian Oud Woody Eau De Perfume 100ml
Arabian Oud Woody Eau De Perfume  100ml Woody by Arabian Oud is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. Top note is agarwood (oud); middle notes are patchouli and rose; base notes are musk and amber. Its a Wood,...
Rs. 7,499.00 Rs. 6,599.00
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